Thank you for taking the time to find out more about the role of Director of Communities here at Horsham District Council.

Our new Director will join us at an exciting time. In the last six months we have experienced a change of Leader of the Council, a change of Leader of the Opposition and a change of Chief Executive. In a “live with COVID” era we are committed to ensuring a pattern of change and improvement for our environment, economy and culture. With a residents’ survey underway we will reset our Corporate Plan this summer. Our focus will be on the political leadership’s themes of:

  • A green district.
  • A local plan for our district with the right housing in the right places for our needs.
  • Keeping Horsham District a great place to live.
  • Financial prudence and keeping Council Tax low.

Horsham is an ambitious place with a strong economy. People love to live here. Our own carbon neutrality is on track and our District neutrality will be led through a Citizens’ Assembly. Our high streets are bucking the trend of decline and are full of thriving local businesses looking to a bright future. Our arts and cultural offer are still hugely ambitious for a District Council. Our parks and countryside are beautiful and valued by residents and visitors alike. Our housing companies are poised for meeting the ongoing challenge of providing enough affordable local housing. We provide community support on a scale less-affluent councils dream of. And our in-house waste service is committed to never dropping a collection; we cancelled none during COVID.

We are well set-up to meet the challenges of modern local government. Our medium-term financial strategy has always been strong. Our use of agile project management in our digital change programme is recognised by the LGA as an exemplar. Our new Director will play a key part in this, helping to improve and deliver key service priorities and working with our senior leadership team and the Cabinet to ensure that corporate priorities are met to ensure we continue to be a successful and high performing Council.

We can offer you excitement, challenge and hard rewarding work as part of a collaborative welcoming organisation that still maintains a family feel that we all say we have not experienced elsewhere. If that appeals to you then this is a great time to join us and we look forward to meeting you later in the spring.

Jonathan Chowen
Jonathan Chowen
Leader of the Council
Jane Eaton
Jane Eaton
Chief Executive


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The council has engaged Solace in Business to support this important appointment. You are encouraged to contact Steve Guest on 020 7976 3311 to discuss the opportunity in detail.

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